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For The Love of Mexico – Tiempo

For The Love of Mexico – Tiempo –    Mexico can teach those of us from the north a thing or two about time management:  Go with the flow, don’t worry, no problemo.  Those of us lucky enough to spend extended time in Mexico are getting the hang of it, but it’s downright difficult to give up our built-in schedules.  Even with extra time on our hands in retirement, our wound up psyches still march to our clocks.  We fuss, “That workman agreed to be here early today…we’ve been waiting all morning…where is he?”  Really it’s just a word problem.  Read more…

For The Love of Mexico – A Color Fiesta

For The Love of Mexico – A Color Fiesta –  Like stepping into Technicolor from a movie set of black and white, the initial visual effect of Mexico is startling. Each winter when we arrive in Manzanillo from our home in the north, our eyes sense a need for adjustment. Is it just the bright sun? Vivid colors greet us like over-energized long lost friends. “Welcome back, amigos! Wear your sunglasses! Have your camera handy!”   Our Minnesota certainly can boast spectacular colors too in spring, summer and fall, but ours are the more subdued sort. We take great pride Read more…

For The Love of Mexico – A Winter Balm

For The Love Of Mexico – A Winter Balm – Winter is settling in early this year in Minnesota, my home state. As I write, snow is accumulating in the yard, and the date is only mid-November. I never have been opposed to the cold, even to brag about it as we like to do here in the north…that is, brag about it when convenient and smart-sounding, say, at a gathering of friends over stout beers. “Keeps us hardy!” we like to claim as we toast to health. But a Minnesota winter settling in translates to the cold hard fact: Read more…

Mexico for retirement

Am writing my story about owning property in Mexico. We were told “buyer beware” but here we are fifteen years later. Your comments?

Battle of the Bulge 70th Anniversary

The words of Pvt. Russel E. Albrecht about Christmas in a foxhole at the Battle of the Bulge, December 1944:  “On Christmas Eve…of course, I’m saying Christmas Eve, but we didn’t know it was Christmas Eve, we had no idea what day it was or anything else…we had, you know, two days of bombing already from our own planes, and we were black from the dust from that and everything else.  There was always shooting going on and sirens blaring in the distance from nearby towns.  With all that going on, we were half frozen and couldn’t feel our legs. Read more…

Battle of the Bulge 70th Anniversary

Pvt. FC Russel E. Albrecht was in a foxhole near Malmedy those six days, Dec. 19-24, 1944.  He tells his story about that Christmas in Finding Foxholes. #battleofthebulge #Malmedy #FindingFoxholes

thank a vet

With Veterans’ Day coming up soon, let’s remember and thank our military heroes.  For me, foremost is my dad, Private First Class Russel E. Albrecht, a rifleman in Europe 1944-45.  And now I have a pen-pal from Tracy, MN – Harold Cooper, age 90.  Harold was a replacement in the Ardennes with a machine gun unit.  Do you have a veteran in mind?

WWII 70th Anniversary

These two sites comparing WWII locations, then and now, show what we were up against traveling with our old veteran trying to locate 1944 memories.

Testing, testing…my new blog

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